A change in scenery. Sort of.

So, today is officially my last day as Youth Pastor at The Journey Uniting Church.

Sort of.

I start as Associate Pastor at The Journey tomorrow, which is super-exciting and means I’m employed 0.8 there instead of 0.2, and my portfolio still includes youth and young adults which is where my heart is. So in honour of that last day, I’m not going to eat raw octopus, I’m not going to participate in messy games…but I am going to honour the Awkward Side-Hug, that monument of Youth Leader awkwardness.*


Can’t wait to kick off in Associate (Youth) Ministry tomorrow.


* I’ve recently been debating with myself (yes, I do that often) which was my more awkward moment in youth ministry.
Option 1: A 16 year-old girl asking me if I had someone special in my life, or if I thought as anyone as ‘more than a friend’.
Option 2: Taking a 15 year-old boy jocks shopping with me
Option 3: A 17 year-old girl dressing up as a showgirl during a musical I watched. Recently. From the second row.*

** In retrospect, that one was more awkward for her.


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