Lies People Believe About Christians

Happy 2012 everyone! (belated)

It’s been a fair while since I last posted on here. Shame on me. But expect a few in the next couple of weeks because the recent Grammys and upcoming Oscars have got me buzzing with thoughts.

But before all this, I read a fantastic article by Nicole Cottrell posted on the equally fantastic Church Leaders website. I couldn’t resist posting my thoughts because it does hit home. I refuse to post the whole thing though – give Nicole the hit she deserves and read it here.

Here’s the five key points and my comments, which will not be nearly as well-written or succinct as Nicole’s – again, you should read her full article.

Here are the top 5 lies about Christians

1. We are dumb.

Some of the smartest people I know are Christians. Some are atheists. Some are agnostic. Some are Muslim.

WHAT! Who knew?!

But seriously, the intelligent Christians I know are constantly grappling intellectually with issues of sin, creation, forgiveness, mercy and justice. They are people who  are always trying to reconcile their mental image of what God ‘should be’ with their spiritual sense of who God is, what they read in the Bible and what they see around them.

2. We are out to convert them.

As Christians it’s true that we are called to “go out and make disciples of all nations”. Yet we rebel against that a bit. We don’t always want to be doing this – it’s easier just to hang out with somebody than to tell them about Jesus!

Maybe this is the rare occasion of our own fears/discomfort putting us in a better position to share our beliefs. Because let’s face it – how seriously would you take what I have to say in a conversation if we don’t have a real friendship?

3. We are always judging others and their actions.

This one bugs me. Nobody should be doing this. Christians do stupid things all the time.

Would you tell a Mormon to live under Shariah law?

A Hindu to live by the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?

Of course not. Ridiculous.

Likewise Christians should never expect people who don’t adhere to Christianity to believe everything Jesus taught and live that way

I’ll let Nicole Cottrell finish this one off:

If they are, well then, they are legalistic and plain wrong.

4. We are goodie-goodies.

My buddies up at Beer App would probably get a kick out of that one.

Here’s a thought though: do most Christians proactively try to be better people? Is that what it means to be a ‘goodie-goodie’? Is it even true for the average Christian?

5. We don’t know what it’s like to not be a Christian

Again, I won’t try and out-quote Nicole Cottrell:

The assumption here lies in the disbelief that every Christian was raised in a Christian home and converted at age 3, never looking back or questioning their faith.

Ask a pastor’s kid how their faith journey went! Most of them went down a very unchurchy route at some stage. We all get this to some degree or another.

Because frankly, if we understand that ‘being a Christian’ means to follow Jesus, we understand that we often do a terrible job of it.

We judge. We lie. We steal. We idolise. We do all sorts of stupid things to separate us from God.

For most of us, every day we’re reminded what it means not to be a Christian.


So what does everyone think out there in the blogosphere? Did Cottrell miss any key points? Anything that you’d add to this?



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