Coming Soon: The 2012 Rhyce Shaw Medal

The big man himself is BACK in the Grand Final, complete with resplendent beard!

Hello friends,

It’s been too long since I last posted. I have a few ‘series’ in the works which will hopefully make up for that, but until I do, a reminder that next week is the 2012 Rhyce Shaw Medal!

For those who aren’t sure what that is…shame on you. But here’s a link to the history of it, as well as the 2011 results.

It’s very important to remind ourselves as we read, watch and vote that these are elite athletes playing in an incredibly pressured situation to the best of their ability…so we’re just having some fun with it and totally respect what they’re putting themselves through.

In a unique twist for 2012, my blog readers will be able to vote for the winner themselves, online, hopefully leading us to the largest RS voting in history!

Here’s a quick practice run to get you ready for the big day!


Good luck to the Swans and Hawks/Crows!



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