Rhyce Shaw Medal 2K13 Preview

When you think success, you think Shaw

Hi friends and family.

It’s been far too long since I last blogged and worse, last year I did not state the results of the famous Rhyce Shaw Medal. To find out more about the Medal, check out my History here. In short, it’s a vote for the worst player on ground in the AFL Grand Final.

This year’s magnificent AFL Grand Final features the purple haze of Fremantle entering the GF for the first time in their less-than-storied history, against the experienced Hawks. You know what that means for Rhyce Shaw voters?

Absolutely nothing

The voters respect performance. Nothing more, nothing less.

So the current betting is as follows:

1,000:1 – Matthew Pavlich

Seriously. Who’s voting Pav for RS? Shame on you.

500:1 – Luke Hodge

Like Pav, but with more grit and less class. Still – no one is voting for Hodgey

100:1 – Sam Mitchell

Not impossible. If Crowley tags him out of the game…stranger things have happened.

50:1 The Umpires

You’ve got to hand it to them, they consistently get votes.

25:1 Brad Sewell, Michael Barlow

Being a ball-magnet can be a blessing and a curse. Watch out for these two if the possessions dry up.

10:1 Cyril Rioli

Could we have our first ever two-time champ? St Cyril won it last year after an absolute stinker…do we dare to believe he’d go back-to-back?

6:1 Ryan Crowley

Nobody likes a tagger. The gritty Crowley only needs a few things to go wrong to become everybody’s fall guy.

4:1 Zac Dawson

Dawson is a favourite patsy for many AFL fans over the years. The Rhyce Shaw could be the final dark, fetid feather in his cap.

3:1 Buddy Franklin

Having a poor season by his lofty standards, plenty of the usual off-field intrigue (GWS) and his general arrogance see Buddy as *almost* the early favourite. But that honour goes to…

Those characters are just a series of obscene gestures in Mandarin.

2:1 Hayden Ballantyne

When the most positive thing you can call Ballantyne is ‘serial pest’, he deserves to be the favourite.

So who will join the list of champions such as Alistair Lynch, Daniel Motlop and Luke Ball? Only Saturday, and your votes will tell.

Cast them wisely.


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