2015 AFL Season Preview


The 2015 AFL season is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing yet.

But you can read about that anywhere.

You come here for foolishly biased fan perspective and sheer comedy.

So enjoy this year’s season previews: by the fans, for the fans.

The Official Rhyce Shaw predictions, team-by-team.
Order as per our personal pre-season predictions.

St Kilda Lunar Park18. St Kilda Saints

When even a creepy, decrepit, dangerous old theme park looks better than you!


Melbourne slump

17. Melbourne Demons

Don’t cry for me. I’m already dead.


GWS young team

16. GWS Giants

Still quite young, yes.

Carlton Bow To Malthouse

15. Carlton Blues

Everyone is looking forward to the last season of Malt Men.

WB Banner

14. Western Bulldogs

New dogs. No tricks.

WC - Possession meme

13. West Coast Eagles

Drug free since ’93, except for the years they weren’t


12. Collingwood Magpies

More teeth than remaining premiership players.

BL - Simba and Nala

11. Brisbane Lions

Is this the year the young Lions learn to roar?

Then it's agreed: I won't win a Brownlow until I get to the Cats. Done.

10. Adelaide Crows

Tex & the Mex have high hopes but danger’s ahead: there’ s no Danger ahead.

EB - Hird

#9 Essendon Bombers

What do you call a pack of drug cheats? A Hird. Every. Damn. Time.

RT - 9th again

#8 Richmond Tigers

Really, predicting them in 8th is just trolling an entire fanbase.

GC - Meter maids

#7 Gold Coast Suns

Arguably not the Gold Coast’s most popular attraction


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