RSM 2015: #18 – St Kilda Saints


This year at The Rhyce Shaw Medal, we decided to let the fans speak for themselves in describing the ins and outs of supporting their particular football clubs. They have unique insights into the appropriate happy and sad emojis to use when supporting their particular teams and, usually, a form of one-eyed support that everyone else finds hilarious.

#18 – St Kilda Saints

By Windscreens

St Kilda sad Riewoldt
Look, at least he’s not crying.

As an 8 year old in the discovering the joys of AFL in 2004, my father, a Carlton supporter, gave my brother and I the option to decide which team to follow. As anyone in their right mind would have done, I chose to support the current winning team. That winning team was St Kilda. 11 years down the track I have discovered that my choice wasn’t the greatest one I could have made, and taking a dump in the ocean ended up ranking higher on the list of positive life choices. My favourite moment was watching David Rodan turn his back on Stephen Milne to walk back to the mark, and then couldn’t see Milney run off the mark from 50 and score the goal. Leigh Montagna and (2009 Rhyce Shaw Medallist) Stephen Milne are my favourite players. Nothing more to be said on that topic. Nothing more can be said.

Him? Really?

My expectations for St Kilda this year are less than optimistic, but greater than abysmal. It will be another year of developing youngsters and another year of wasting precious time with the much older players needed to taste victory again. They will WIN against Melbourne, GWS and Richmond this year. They will lose to Hawthorn and Sydney. Not much of an argument there from anyone. I have a feeling, like I always do, that the Saints will win over Adelaide and the Bulldogs. There will be a draw against Gold Coast, and there will be a scalp taken from the likes of Geelong or North Melbourne. It will all be down to the right combination of players, injuries and the moon being particularly bright some nights.

I have a couple more predictions and awards to give out:

Most Interesting Off-Field Player Award (Justin Koschitzke Award): Not since the medics decision to follow Justin around for the full 2006 season has any player gotten great off field attention. Until Saint Nicky and his sponsorship deal with Kleenex. I guess he has one. He cries a fair bit that man.Eli Templeton

Most Hatable Player (The Milne Award):

Based purely on looks, has to be Eli Templeton.


Shut up.


Most Valuable Player (Everyone not in St Kilda Award): I am a Fantasy man. I have to use Dream Team prices. Coming in at $514,720 at the end of 2014 is Nick Riewoldt. Not a huge surprise, even less of a surprise is he ranks #23 in price.

Rising Star (Every Player who has left St Kilda in recent years Award): David Armitage. I knows he’s not a rising star in the regular sense of the word. but with the departure of Lenny, Armo has some serious room to move and make waves. Watch out for him this year.

(Editor’s note: David Armitage turns 27 this year. But it’s probably still accurate, St Kilda-wise.)

Team Spud (Zac Dawson Award): The great Zac Dawson has been away for a number of years now, and the Clarke brothers are all but a distant memory. St Kilda has built a team with great potential. I would say there are no spuds on the senior list. Some not very good players yet because they are brand new but no spuds. You are more than welcome to argue with me but I’ll drag you down to my level and beat you with experience. Like your mother. Exactly.

There is always a result to the season that everyone wants to see, and that’s to win the flag. I am no different. There will be hard times, and good times. St Kilda will struggle to get the wins but when it counts they will claim the eighth spot on the ladder and then go on to win the granny. Here’s to hoping anyway.

So, why is St Kilda gonna win the flag?

  1. Sharing is caring. The Balfours kid would argue it’s our turn. What about us?
  2. Steven Bradbury did it, why can’t they? (Don’t answer, its rhetorical)
  3. I said don’t answer it.



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