RSM 2015: #13 – West Coast Eagles



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At the Fugees reunion, it was clear Lauryn Hill had had a rough few years.
At the Fugees reunion, there were some questions over Lauryn Hill’s identity.

#13 – West Coast Eagles

By Mundy

I have been a West Coast Eagles fan since I was 5 years old. The year was 1990 and the pastors at my church went for them and there were still no Crows or Port in the AFL. Just think – 12 months later and I probably would have been a Crows fan. I gotta go take a cold shower. All jokes aside, it kind of now sucks only getting 1 or 2 games a year living in little old Adelaide, but I’ll never change.

My best memory in all this would be being at the prelim final at AAMI Stadium, being down 20 at halftime and then watching Cousins claw us back and booking us a spot into the grand final and finally beating Sydney in a thriller.

2015 season is quite hard to predict. We have quite an easy schedule and I think if we can turn Subiaco into a fortress again and win most games at home we could make anywhere between 6-8. We had a rough deal with injuries last year and I expect Selwood, Rosa and Gaff to have big years. Losing Cox (from all reports is now fat) hurts but if Nic Nat can stay injury free and consistent we could be ok. Lycett is a good solid back up as well. Expect our defense to be shaky at best after losing our best and fairest last year (Eric Mackenzie) to a season ending ACL injury. If our midfield can stay consistent and learn to kick, expect goals from Kennedy, LeCras and Darling!!! I am optimistic and hoping for a ladder spot of 6-8 but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lot lower.


WC - Possession meme


All-time favourite player:

It was Woosha (John Worsfold), then later Ben Cousins (Such Is Life), but ultimately my favouriteplayer ever is hard-nut Beau Waters. If your parents named you ‘Beau’, you’d respond by being more of a tough-nut too.

Most interesting player:

That’s a dangerous question for the West Coast Eagles.
Most of our interesting characters have now moved on to bigger and better things – Ben Cousins is still getting chased by the cops, Daniel Kerr is being investigated for arson again. Chad Fletcher is probably flat-lining in Vegas again, Dean Cox is already fat and who knows where Ashley Sampi is!!!!!!  (Editor’s note: apparently happier than in years and suprisingly healthy)

Our most interesting now is probably either Beau Waters (who does amazing things in the community, because he’s always injured and doesn’t play!!) and won the AFL community award. Nick NAT is also fun to follow on Instagram. And Jack Darling’s girlfriend….wow!!!

Rumours are Dean Cox retired to pursue his passion: Fremantle FC
Rumours are Dean Cox retired to pursue his passion: Fremantle FC

Biggest spud:

Biggest spud on our team now that Brent Staker has moved on would be Mitch Brown he is useless at best. 100 games for him this year! That’s 100 games that could have been given to literally anyone else. It’s taken him 9 years to make 100 games! Even Jack Watts has a better record than that!

Most hated player:

If you didn’t have them on your team, our most hated players would be a combination of our midfield – Luke Shuey, Scott Selwood, Chris Masten – for constantly ducking their heads and winning free kicks. Sharrod Wellingham also has a very punchable face, but we can blame Collingwood for that one.

Rising star:

Would have to be Tom Lamb I think, looked solid during the pre-season and with Darling out could be good. Mostly though he’s just pumped to be at the Eagles.

MVP will be Priddis can’t go past him. Unless you’re picking an All-Australian team. But who wants the Brownlow Medallist in the All-Australian team anyway?

The rest of us just assumed Channel 7 was showing loops of John Platten's Brownlow win...Priddis didn't actually WIN, right?
The rest of us just assumed Channel 7 was showing loops of John Platten’s Brownlow win…Priddis didn’t actually WIN, right?

What to expect when you’re expecting a flag:

I’m not expecting a flag.

But, I would love to see our midfield be consistent and fire and Nick Nat to live up to his potential and have a good season. Wouldn’t mind seeing some of our youngsters dominate either – McGovern and Lamb look quality!!!

We ain’t gunna win the flag so I aint gunna waste words. It’s gunna be a loooong season.




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