The Most Important Movember Ever


I’ve done Movember once before, sure.


My mates and I did a decent-sized charity fundraiser to combat SADS (yes SADS, not SIDS) and raised a few thousand dollars. We grew pretty awful early 20’s mo’s, shaved heads, waxed legs and generally had a laugh. Amazingly it was at that time I got together with Jenny, who would later become my wife.

**Having said all of the above, my wife has made it clear she does not like the concept of me having a mustache ever again. Making this November even more special**

Love sees beyond the mustache, or perhaps is drawn to it.

But Movember isn’t just for the joy of mo-growing. Movember does actually have a specific target: men’s health – prostate and testicular cancer in particular.

For me, in the last two years this has come into sharp focus as two of my family members have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have a big, beautiful and complex family who I love dearly.

One is awful. Two is, appropriately, a punch in the nuts.

I’m a man who believes in Jesus. So I pray for these guys a lot. But I’m determined to do what I can to help any way I can, which is the kind of approach I think Jesus would want from me anyway.

So, despite my wife’s personal preferences, I have spent the last 3 months growing a nice thick beard in preparation for having as audacious a mo as possible in Movember. I want to tackle prostate cancer – pun firmly intended – by raising money to go directly to research a cure.

I know. It's a lot more grizzled than the earlier photo.
                                         I know.
                                        It’s a lot more grizzled than the earlier photo.

All sponsors are encouraged to vote in my online poll as to what sort of mo I should grow – but you only get a vote if you drop a few dollars in the online tin.

You can sponsor me at

This is one Movember that hits me right in the gene pool. And any help you can give is greatly appreciated.





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