Mike loves.

Life is too short to waste.

I love my family – my wife, daughter and sons mean the world to me.

I love my friends. I love to laugh with them and share important moments. I love to make bad jokes and watch them shake their heads in joy and agony.

I love great food and drink, especially coffee and dark peppermint chocolate. Perhaps more than is strictly a good idea, but I also love exercise.

I love sports. I’m a junkie for the NBA, AFL, Premier League, cricket, ATP tour and to a lesser extent NFL, Formula 1 and MLB.

I love meeting new people. I love hearing everyone’s story.

I love snowboarding, wakeboarding and surfing, but I’ve only done it once so please don’t confuse me with a real surfer. I love writing from the heart, winter rain when I’m inside, freshly mowed lawns but only if I’ve mowed them myself, forcing myself into deep trains of thought, challenging mine and my friends beliefs and traditions in order to reaffirm or deconstruct as necessary. I love breathing into a fresh towel when I step out of a shower, making my wife smile, being served a perfect latte, SERVING a perfect latte, putting myself out for the benefit of others.

I love my church, The Journey Uniting Church, a place filled with people who take joy in their relationship with Jesus, but recognise their humanity, who put huge stock in great coffee but more stock in great relationships, who try hard to listen to God and respond to the movement of the Holy Spirit in their life. I love that they love me enough to let me help pastor them.

More than anything, I love Jesus. I never know from day-to-day what my end of that relationship will look and feel like. I’ll never know what new information I’ll come across that will challenge and confront me. But I hold firm in the identity gained from living for Jesus and thanks to Jesus. He is the one way, truth and life, the one who brings me comfort in a storm and storm to my comfort. He provokes me, inspires me, causes me to examine how I live, love and behave. I don’t do this because he forces me to, but because my love for Jesus inspires and moves me to respond to him.

I love good conversation. Keep the comments rolling.



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