Over Easter I was privileged to join the Moderator’s Easter Pilgrimage to Oodnadatta. My family and I traveled to Coober Pedy, then on to Oodnadatta. The travel itself was pretty intense – 12+ hours with 3 kids under 8, with the last 3 hours of that on a dirt road. But that was nothing […]

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  I spent a good portion of my last weekend in a conversation about forgiveness. The conversation was with a group of young Christians asking about faith’s role in forgiveness and how we can live that out in reality. It tends to be a question that crops up now and again when people are being honest […]

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10 ways I find new preachers

  One thing I find myself consistently asked from people – particularly within the Uniting Church, my denomination and primary network – is this: Do you know any new preachers? I usually answer in two ways: 1) I’M STANDING RIGHT HERE! I CAN HEAR YOU! 2) Yes. Yes I do. People who run churches and youth […]

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Visio Dei

French philosopher Blaise Pascal was probably most famous for boring secondary students with triangles. However, he was also a wonderful Christian thinker. In his Pensées, his defense of Christianity (which I will not pretend that I’ve read), Pascal puts out an oft-misquoted idea. Within the heart of every human, Pascal says, is an “infinite abyss” that […]

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