The 2015 Rhyce Shaw Medal

  It’s been many a year since we saw such a competitive Rhyce Shaw Medal as in 2015. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some elite performances before. Ballantine’s epic stinkfest in 2013 comes to mind and certainly last year Lewis Jetta and Kurt Tippett were in a tight contest for mediocrity. But this year, […]

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RSM 2015: #7 – Gold Coast Suns

#7 – Gold Coast Suns By J-Meas Kaan the sunnies! I have supported the Gold Coast Suns from the moment they entered the league and the AFL saw fit to rig the competition in their favor. I had languished midtable with the Adelaide Crows for years before realising teams don’t win by hanging mid-table. You need […]

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RSM 2015: #16 – GWS Giants

       #16 – GWS Giants By Tod For the last five years,I have been a foundation member of the Giants. The club presented a certificate to me this season to recognise my longstanding commitment! I am aware this puts me in a unique class of sports fan, but what can I say? I love the […]

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RSM 2015: #8 – Richmond Tigers

  ~~THE FINALISTS~~   #8 – Richmond Tigers By Tim When my father arrived from Holland in 1955 with his first wife and their children, one of his daughter’s played for their school’s baseball team, which had yellow and black uniforms. Soon after, dad went to his first football match, at Glenelg, which was also […]

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RSM 2015: #14 – Western Bulldogs

  #14 – Western Bulldogs By Massiv The Western Bulldogs are arguably the AFL’s saddest team. A team with just the one premiership, back in 1954, proudly lists Russell Gilbert, Merv Hughes and Julia Gillard among its most prominent supporters. It has three finals appearances this millenium, but no grand final appearances. Since 1962, they […]

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