Day 9: Transfers

7am is way, way too early to get up in Vegas. The Conceirge at THEhotel is unnecessarily cheery. His mannerisms, actions and behaviour towards me indicates either a) a different sexual preference from my own; b) an inappropriately overenthusiastic love of his job or; c) heavy illicit drug use. I check-out relatively painlessly and try […]

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Day 8: Show Day!

I’ve been griping and moaning and considering how to both properly enjoy my vacation while also finding time for blogging. This trip has been far more go-go-go than I expected. So here is my new aim: daily mini-blogs. Comedy, tragedy, romance – all genres for television and movies that are unrelated to my blog. We’ll […]

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I am very pumped. In just one week I will be heading to America. No doubt this will continue a frenzy of blog posts and, more specifically, some more ‘Becoming A Man’ blogposts. International travel? Dealing with pickpockets? Hating the Lakers? The list could go on. But SPEAKING of lists, here is a list of […]

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