Send a better message

I was at the gym yesterday when I saw two ads by the SA Labor party. Both ads were vintage ‘attack’ ads that I’ve been seeing as long as I can remember, where the Opposition leader and another local leader were being attacked for…basically nothing. Here’s the thing though: after seeing those ads, my immediate […]

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  I spent a good portion of my last weekend in a conversation about forgiveness. The conversation was with a group of young Christians asking about faith’s role in forgiveness and how we can live that out in reality. It tends to be a question that crops up now and again when people are being honest […]

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The Most Important Movember Ever

I’ve done Movember once before, sure. 2003 My mates and I did a decent-sized charity fundraiser to combat SADS (yes SADS, not SIDS) and raised a few thousand dollars. We grew pretty awful early 20’s mo’s, shaved heads, waxed legs and generally had a laugh. Amazingly it was at that time I got together with […]

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good grief!

Originally posted on kirstmac:
Today’s the 4th anniversary of my mum passing away. She was really great. I’ve written about her before but seriously, how gorgeous is she? I want that outfit. It’s funny when you wake up on a day like this. How do you celebrate or commemorate or acknowledge the day ‘properly’? How…

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